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Self Defence

The Choi Kwang Do system is based on the principles that its self-defense techniques should:

  • Generate maximum force
  • Be practical and easy to learn
  • Enhance the individual’s health as they practice
  • Develop reflexes and ability to respond against threats
  • Develop mental as well as physical conditioning

Although we teach pragmatic, efficient self-defense techniques, students learn to focus first on how to avoid physical confrontation by calming an attacker if possible. Since Choi Kwang Do is a noble art, we prefer forgiveness and compassion to kicking and punching. If we can’t avoid a defense situation, we remain humble before responding, and never telegraph that we know martial arts by putting our hands up. We try to resolve the situation without striking a blow.If, however, we must protect ourselves, we know how to take sudden, confident action with our concealed Choi Kwang Do human weapons. Because our biomechanical techniques are very effective and powerful, they can stop an attacker but, again, we will only use them as a last resort. We don’t like to see people get hurt—that’s why we don’t support martial arts competitions. Choi Kwang Do teaches usable applications, quite unlike the kicks and punches seen in martial arts movies and demonstrations.

The basis of our system is using gross motor skills instead of fine motor skills, somewhat like firing at a general target (combat shooting) instead of a specific bull’s eye (target shooting). You see, when human beings are in threatening situations, their brain’s ability to control their body is significantly diminished because of the amount of stress hormones like epinephrine, noreinephrine and glucocorticoid that the adrenal glands release into the body. These hormones decrease the fine motor skills we use when aiming for precision, such as striking pressure points or dot-sized areas on an opponent. Choi Kwang Do understands this phenomenon, so our techniques employ only gross motor skills, which means that we hit larger, more general targets such as the face, body and legs.

 Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts & Self Defence - Hedge End, Southampton

The 2000 Centre, St Johns Road
Hedge End
SO30 4AF

June 2024

  Telephone: 07926 564884